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    So, I finished a project I've been working on. (at least I hope I'm finished)

    It's called "Note Takes"

    It's a place where you can Jot Blast yourself a note for anything. You can post a link or links to other sites or links to threads on RP that you may want to refer to in the future. Topics you want to revisit. Make a grocery list if you want, it's your personal page.

    I can't see your posts there; and you can't see mine or the Note Takes of anyone else, you can only see yours. It's like private messaging, but to yourself and in the regular format of threads and posts.

    If you go there now, it should say there are no posts in this forum even though I have done 5 test threads.

    Since it's all you, you can delete individual Note Takes or entire threads that you no longer need.

    You do need to be registered to use it.

    You can always access it by clicking "Forums" it is at the top of that page.

    I hope you like it.

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    This is a great idea, Turbine! Looking forward to using the new feature.

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    I'll have to try it out, see what we got, T.

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