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    Louisiana KUBOTA


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    These are always great

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    Dude is a ��

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    Kubota dealers in Tezas did a thing.

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    Awesome news and very deserving for this young man, one of our Ragin Cajuns!

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    Dudes a tractor? LoL

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    I saw Kubota and thought we got a new stadium sponsor. LoL!

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    These are great and feel-good stories and situations. Super determination, will, and desire by Jacob Kubota to prove that he could play at this level. Great job by Coach Mike for giving this young man the opportunity to prove himself. And congrats Jacob on the scholarship!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesTheJeweler View Post
    I saw Kubota and thought we got a new stadium sponsor. LoL!
    If I heard right, Desormeaux gave him a full plowership.

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