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    UL Golf Hole In One

    The 91 YEAR OLD father of a friend of mine hit HIS TENTH HOLE IN ONE today!!!!!!!!. OH.MY.GOODNESS. He has a 2.5 acre garden that he tends to every day.

    One day he will pass away. I hope it's on the Golf Course or in the garden. He will be happy as a jay bird if he does. A truly amazing man. It's a pleasure to know him.

    I want to be just like him when I grow up

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    How cool is that.

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    Wow! I only got one, but it was a good one during big tournament.

    Congrats to Mr. 91!!!

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    Inspiring!! Thanks for sharing.

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    I'm only 58, so you're saying there is still time and hope for me yet! Been playing since '85 and only sniffed a hole in one twice, but He is truly inspiring.

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    Closest I ever got the darn windmill kept spinning in the way…

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