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    Eh, donít care. Not my board. Turbine does A LOT of work cleaning up after knuckleheads, myself included.

    Thank you sir!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbine View Post
    You can thank yourself for that one.

    Makes things hard to moderate.
    I responded to that in another thread when I saw a comment and assumed you were talking about me. That wasn't the case at all. I will paste below.

    (Well you know, what happened was, one poster kept posting the same pick, pick, pick post over and over.) (Turbine)

    FYI. I just came across this response on a thread that was closed. That wasn't picking at all. I have been knowing the fella that references the "birdy" since our 21 year sons were 7 year old boys in little league together. I consider him a friend. I was merely responding to his claim that the birdy said Ben was going to be the QB. As you may recall the birdy was right and the only one that was saying Des was going to be the coach. My only point was to not crown the starter yet even though we have a couple that are out. Not seeing how you getting picking out of that. (KK)
    Last edited by KajunKrazy; March 11th, 2023 at 08:52 am. Reason: If this gets removed explain why? Nothing is offensive in this post. If not here PM.

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