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Catcher was obviously not Kotzelnick's normal position and it showed. Several pass balls and dropped balls on the day. She did throw out one runner attempting to steal but for her to be a serviceable backup, she will need to put in some work between now and the start of the season. Sophie will definitely be the starter at catcher barring any injury.
I will say that Mayeaux looked good at SS. Has a strong arm and decent range. I see Mayeaux playing somewhere in the infield because of her experience and for her bat. She cranked a hr her first in the scrimmage Saturday if I remember correctly. With so many new faces, it was hard to follow who was playing where. Bobby was a little slow on identifying who was in the field when changes were made. Also, the PA system seemed hard to hear when Bobby was announcing positions and who was batting. Maybe as I am getting older, my hearing is just starting to go! Nice crowd and the food was good. One thing that surprised me was seeing Roman going full speed in the scrimmage. I would have thought Glasco and the medical staff would have had her go easy this fall. Kudos to her for obviously rehabbing her knee in a manner that allowed her to get cleared to go all out in fall ball. She played first and swung hard with each of her at bats. Hit a few ground balls and ran hard trying to beat them out. The power just oozes out of her. If she can get her swing mechanics honed and get that aligned with pitch recognition, she could hit some blasts that would land in New Mexico. Then, it would be a matter of having someone(s) protect her in the lineup.
I know, you know, from experience, how important protection is. Don't want to see her get walked as often as your daughter did. It would be nice to see her at the park sometime.