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    Quote Originally Posted by ZoomZoom View Post
    Have a good friend that is a retired safety supervisor from a large service company. He candidly explained most likely if any bodies were to be recovered at this point they would be found during salvage work. It has gotten to the point risk/reward didn’t exist. Any searching statistically at this point is PR.

    The UCN and Ronnie Adams thing needs to go away ASAP. It’s not about them, people need to mourn, not be distracted by a side show.

    God be with all involved.
    Wow. Ronnie Adams is a name I hadn't seen in close to 20 years. Didn't realize he had been on reality TV. Glad to see him helping so much with these efforts.

    The drama between him and UNC does need to go away and the focus needs to be back on the families

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    The one family member of one of the missing that I know was grateful for every person that lifted even 1 finger or gave 1 dollar to help in the search. I would not throw shade on the Cajun Navy or any tv personality that tried to give those families closure. I also don't blame the media for spreading information to the public about this accident and recovery efforts. imo

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