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    The idea of conversion of the fleet of 18 wheelers to Ng with Pilot, Loves and others having NG distribution would be a game changer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by axg8750 View Post
    Nuclear power is the obvious future to this worlds power needs to anyone who is educated on the subject.

    Nuclear is the inevitable answer for electrical generation. The advantages in reliability and density make it so. Every energy transition in history has been from sources with less reliability and less power and energy density to sources with greater reliability and greater power and energy density. As the Texas freeze showed, the ability to store a couple decades of fuel on-site is also a larger than usually advertised advantage as well. (Just-in-time delivery is the great disadvantage of natural gas for electrical generation.)

    Incidentally, the same factors make solar and wind energy absolute no-gos. They can play a small role here and there in electrical generation but practically speaking will never power the world. After all, you could power the world with mules pulling overhead wheels in circles, but at some point the question is going to become--how many mules and how many wheels?

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