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Thread: Beausoleil Solar Home

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    Louisiana Campus Beausoleil Solar Home

    UL enters International Solar Decathlon

    The University of Louisiana School of Architecture and Design has been selected as one of only 20 teams from around the world to participate in the international design/build competition called the Solar Decathlon.

    The Solar Decathlon is a competition for teams to design, build and operate an attractive, effective and energy-efficient solar powered house. In late September 2009, university teams will join the competition’s organizers and sponsors in Washington D.C. to assemble a “solar village” on the National Mall.

    The U.S Dept. of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy is the primary sponsor of the competition. UL’s team is a collaboration between the School of Architecture and Design and the College of Engineering. Students will design and build the BeauSoleil Solar Home over the next two years. Louisiana System Built Homes is a partner in the project.

    Details of the project will be outlined in a Feb. 7 press conference at Louisiana System Built Homes in St. Martinville (Old Fruit of the Loom Building), 6261 Hwy. 31.
    Not bad

  2. This is a GREAT IDEA UL begins solar house race

      UL will be one of 20 universities from around the world competing over the next two years to build an affordable, self-sufficient solar home, organized by the U.S. Department of Energy for its fourth annual Solar Decathlon competition.

    The project is uniting teachers and students in UL's School of Architecture and Design, and colleges of Engineering and Business. They'll partner with Begneaud Manufacturing and Louisiana System Built Homes in St. Martinville, which was recently endorsed by the insurance industry as Louisiana's only builder of "fortified" homes that go above basic standards for storm safety and energy efficiency.

    Forty schools applied from the U.S., Canada and Germany to the DOE's Solar Decathlon competition, which started in 2002. It complements President Bush's Solar America Initiative, which aims to make solar power cost-competitive with traditional forms of electricity by 2015.

    "This project epitomizes the university's mission: serving the public," said Mark Zappi, dean of UL's College of Engineering. This is one of many renewable energy projects that Zappi's college has begun pursuing within the past two years. Work on biodiesel, ethanol and synthetic gas is also under way by engineering students and faculty.

    "A new mission for us is to utilize the gifts Mother Nature gave to Louisiana - the sunlight, our ability to grow and work the land ... and turn Louisiana into a leader in all forms of energy, not just petroleum."

    UL's team will call its home BeauSoleil, which means "Beautiful Sun" in French. While previous schools have built homes for the Decathlon with a blank checkbook, the UL team will focus on making its home a truly affordable prototype for new housing in Louisiana. The state's median household income in 2005 was $36,729, and assuming that increased to $40,000, the maximum cost that's affordable would be $100,000, according to UL's report.

    The average Solar Decathlon house size has been 700 square feet, so the average cost would have to be $143 per square foot to be affordable. The team says a prototype goal can be twice that, or $286 per square foot, to achieve market viability.

    Students and faculty will spend the next two years designing and building, before the homes are moved to Washington, D.C., in fall 2009 for judging. Set up in a "solar community" in the Washington Mall of monuments, the decathlon judges the architecture, engineering, market viability, communications, comfort, appliances, hot water, lighting, energy balance and transportation. The house must produce enough electricity to run on its own, and enough excess to power an electric car.

    The competition also requires teams to cook dinner for neighboring homes. UL Associate Professor W. Geoff Gjertson said his team would "wrap that contest up easily" with a pot of gumbo and a nice Cajun spread.

    The 20 schools selected for the competition are Boston Architectural College/Tufts University, Cornell University, Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Missouri University of Science and Technology, The Ohio State University, The Pennsylvania State University, Rice University, Santa Clara University, Technische Universitat Darmstadt (Germany), Universidad de Puerto Rico, Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain), University of Arizona, University of Calgary/SAIT Polytechnic and Mount Royal College (Canada), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Kentucky, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, University of Minnesota, University of Waterloo/Ryserson University/Simon Fraser University (Canada), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.


    Bob Moser

  3. This is a GREAT IDEA Re: UL enters International Solar Decathalon

    UL — A vine-covered trellis over a bedroom deck offers a cool and quiet setting to take in a book.

    Solar panels move to track the sun for maximum effect, rainwater is harvested and stored for later use, and a giant garage door-style window can be raised to open the living room completely to the outside.

    “We live in Louisiana in flux between indoors and outdoors,” said University of Louisiana architecture student Jeremy Credeur, discussing some of the influences on his home design for the upcoming 2009 Solar Decathlon.

    UL is one of 20 teams selected by the U.S. Department of Energy for the international competition.

    Credeur’s design was one of 12 on display Friday for an input session to help students combine their best ideas for the project.

    The rest of the story


  4. Louisiana Campus UL design team chosen to build off-grid solar-powered home

     LAFAYETTE — The University of Louisiana's solar-powered, BeauSoleil home is closer to production as part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s international design-build competition, the Solar Decathlon.

    The university’s School of Architecture and Design was selected as one of 20 collegiate teams for the international competition that will take place in October 2009 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    The BeauSoleil team includes more than 70 UL students and faculty representative of the colleges of arts, sciences, engineering and business.

    “We’re excited to take our claim as one of the top 20 universities in the world for sustainable design,” said Gretchen LaCombe Vanicor, a ULL architecture graduate student and the team’s project manager.

    The rest of the story

    Advocate Acadiana bureau

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    Default Beausoleil Solar Home

    At the tailgating Saturday, Jeff Gjertson was there with the Beausoleil Solar Home project. UL was one of 20 schools selected worldwide for the Solar Decathlon in D.C.

    Check out the video. It gave me les frissons:

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    Default Re: Beausoleil Solar Home

    My cousin is one of the student architects working on the project. Family and myself are all trying to make the trip up to DC next year with the school. It will be a fun experience. Especially when UL wins!

    Cajuns Born Cajuns Bred
    2004 UL @ BAT Champion

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    Default Re: Beausoleil Solar Home

    Quote Originally Posted by CajunFun View Post
    _ At the tailgating Saturday, Jeff Gjertson was there with the Beausoleil Solar Home project. UL was one of 20 schools selected worldwide for the Solar Decathlon in D.C.

    Check out the video. It gave me les frissons:

    hey Z--see you included ''world" in your ARCH article--Now let's see along with the Petro Engines that's 2 worlds--not bad!!!! Doc Z seemed pretty pumped about his success!!!!!

  8. This is a GREAT IDEA Beausoleil's Solar Cell System to be Unveiled Monday

      Tour of new Solar Cell System for the BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home

    DATE: Monday, Feb. 16, 2009

    TIME: 1:30 p.m.

    LOCATION: Rooftop of Madison Hall

    Team members for the BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home will conduct introduce and conduct tours of the new test solar cell system for the solar home. Corporate partners along with university officials will view the system onto of Madison Hall. The BeauSoleil array of panels is only the second grid-tied system in Lafayette.

    The system is now returning free electricity back to the city and university grid. This system is a scaled-down version of the array which will eventually be placed on the roof of the solar home. Tours will be given of the roof solar panels, the lab equipment connecting the system to the grid and a real-time demonstration of the monitoring system.

    CONTACT: Geoff Gjertson, Director for Team BeauSoleil, at 482-5157 or see him at the event.

    UL Press Release

  9. Default Team Louisiana Using Solar Power

     UL — The University of Louisiana is getting a little greener — at least 1,200 watts worth.

    On Monday, university researchers and students showed off a solar panel installation that will assist in the development of its BeauSoleil Louisiana Solar Home project.

    For the past year, UL architecture and design students have been working on their plans for the home as part the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

    The international competition includes 20 university and college teams from around the world to encourage the design and construction of attractive, energy-efficient, solar-powered homes.

    The rest of the story

    Advocate Acadiana bureau

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    Default Re: Team Louisiana Using Solar Power

    Quote Originally Posted by NewsCopy View Post
    _ _
    This tells me we have one helluva University that can compete academically. The nursing side of the University received top accolades for its nursing program. More proof that UL is doing what it is chartered

    Slowly but surely the University is making advances that will bring success that will have far reaching effects.

    Great is the glory, for the strife is hard - Wordsworth

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    Ragin' Cajuns UL Student Government Association donates BIG to Beau Soleil House

    Earlier this morning, representatives of The UL Student Government Association (SGA) showed up at the work site of the Beau Soleil House to meet with the team and give them a gracious donation. The team talked with SGA earlier in the year and was notified that they would be receiving a donation of $10,000 but were surprised when SGA revealed to them the actual donation today. The SGA Big 3 (President, Vice President, and Treasurer) presented a check for $10,000 at first but then mentioned it wasn't enough and revealed a check for $30,000 instead. After a round of applause and surprised expressions from the Beau Soleil team, The Big 3 said it still wasn't enough and finally revealed the actual donation of $50,000. Witnessing the expressions and applause from the team you could tell the group was more than thankful.

    For those of you who are not familiar with Beau Soleil, it is a team comprised of UL students who were chosen to compete in the 2009 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon competition. In October, they will be competing against 20 other schools around the world to build a home that is energy-efficient and solar-powered yet attractive at the same time. All of the teams will showcase their house in Washington D.C. where the judging will take place.

    Feel free to check out the Beau Soleil website and the promotional video on YouTube.

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    Default Re: UL Student Government Association donates BIG to Beau Soleil House

    that's pretty legit

    go cajuns go

  13. Louisiana UL SGA Donates Big to BeauSoleil Project

      UL - More than a house will be on display on the National Mall in October when University of Louisiana students compete in an international solar home design-build competition.

    “This brings UL into the international limelight,” said Dustin Domangue, president of the UL Student Government Association.

    The UL team is one of 20 collegiate design teams from across the world selected to compete in the Department of Energy’s biennial Solar Decathlon Oct. 9-18 on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

    Domangue and other student leaders surprised the team with a check for $50,000 Tuesday.

    The team travels to Washington with its house in tow, Sept. 25. Tuesday’s donation will help with the team’s travel expenses, said Gretchen Lacombe-Vanicor, project manager.

    “This money is going to put us ahead of schedule for the fundraising,” Vanicor said. “It’s an incredible sign of how much the university appreciates what we’re doing. We’ve said from the beginning this project represents our university, our culture and our state.”

    The team’s fundraising has been a grassroots effort with donations ranging from $4 on up, said Catherine Guidry, team public relations manager.

    “It’s such a relief and weight off our shoulders,” Guidry said as she thanked the student leaders for the donation.

    The donation puts the fundraising effort ahead of schedule, but about $50,000 more is still needed, said Geoff Gjertson, UL associate professor of architecture and faculty team coordinator.

    The rest of the story

    Advocate Acadiana bureau

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    Default Re: UL Student Government Association donates BIG to Beau Soleil House

    I have a great piece of property that they can put this house after they win the competition.

  15. Default Beau Soleil Solar Decathlon

    By now, most of you have heard about UL's Beau Soleil solar home team. We've got some information in case you're wondering how you can help out.

    Ul's team Beau Soleil is nearing completion on their solar home for the Solar Decathlon coming up in Washington D.C. but they still need some help getting there.

    "To adopt a student, community


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