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Over the past six years -due to desired traffic- we have had to upgrade to a larger, faster and more expensive server 4 times. The Rage Page community is growing and growing. Every day, more & more people from all over the world drop by to look for news on the University of Louisiana, the Ragin' Cajuns and the untold history of UL.

One simple indicator of growing use is our internal search engine which has been accessed well over half a million times. This not not count visits but is an indicator that the Rage Page archives are a useful tool to UL fans everywhere.

As most of you know the site is in no way connected to, or endorsed by any school in the UL System, we receive no subsidy. Currently our fixed costs stand right at $3600 a year.

So for the first time we are holding a donation type fund raiser. Our goal is to keep the webmasters personal costs at $100 a month which means the goal is to raise $2400.

It shouldn't take much; if just over 16% percent of the current members were to donate $5 we would cover our goal. If 20% were to do same we could cover our needs and would donate the excess to ULAthletics.

Regardless of how close we come to reaching the goal we will continue to strive to make the best one stop source for all info related to UL past present and future. Thanks for your support.

Early 2008 Fund Drive for UL Track

Voluneer Day 2008

V1 Volunteer Days 2002

V2 2003 Volunteer SGA & Students

V3 2004 Volunteer Workdays

V4 Volunteer Days (Getting it Done at the Tigue)